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Hello and welcome back...... A range of ham radio apps are available for Android users.
From what I've read, they work well. Most apps require you to tune to a radio frequency on a suitable radio and the Android phone of tablet decodes the information and displays the results.

To Download the apps CLICK HERE

The website is called and is written by Wolfgang Phillips


DroidPSK = DroidPSK is an app for Android to decode and encode Ham Radio BPSK31 with the build in microphone/speaker or wired to your radio.

DroidSSTV = DroidSSTV lets you transmit and receive amateur radio (ham radio)  slow scan TV (SSTV) on your Android Smartphone or Android tablet.

Morse Trainer =Learn Morse Code

DroidRTTY = DroidRTTY is an application to decode and encode Ham Radio RTTY with the build in microphone/speaker or wired to your radio.

Morse Decoder = Morse Decoder decodes Morse code characters through the built-in microphone of your Android device

DTMF = DTMF decodes and encodes DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency) tones trough the phones speaker and microphone.

DSP Audio Filter = The DSP Audio Filter is a tool that enables you to filter frequencies from an audio spectrum by using your cell phone’s microphone.

NCDXF Beacon =  NCDXF Beacon is a simple tool to monitor the NCDXF beacons on the Ham Radio bands 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m.
Upon start the the time will be synchronized with an NTP server.

DX Cluster =Never miss a DX spot again

Voice Keyer = Voice Keyer is an audio recorder tool to record and play back messages. The messages are easily accessible though 6 buttons. A long click on a button will record a message and a normal click will play it back.


HF Weather Fax = HF Weather Fax for Android decodes weather fax 120/576 charts and satellite images through the microphone of your Android phone or tablet.

DroidNAVTEX = DroidNavtex decodes NAVTEX messages from your receiver through the Android phone or tablets microphone or through a connected interface.

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