Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hello and welcome back....I thought I would share a few apps that I have found that help enjoy Aircraft, apart from your usual handheld or desktop scanners, you can listen and watch on your mobile or tablet.
Myself, I own a Iphone and an Ipad 2nd gen so the apps I am reviewing will be of a Apple nature, but similar should still be available for other brands.

1 = LiveATC.NET

Live ATC is an excellent but basic app that lets you hear aircraft taking off and landing in most airports around the world, in NSW it includes Sydney, Bankstown, Camden, Hervey Bay, & Coffs Harbour,.
Sadly no Military airports are covered.

Sells for $2.99
Handy to have if you don't want to lug your scanner around with you. is available for Android for $2.89.


Planefinder HD is a app that show where/what a plane is. You can watch on a map as a plane comes in to land or has just taken off and where it is going to.
Tells you airspeed and alitude as well as type of aircraft and company.
Not 100% as I will see a plane outside my window (Springwood), then check, only to be shown its passing Katoomba.
You can also see the flightpath, still its very interesting.
Its a busy sky out there.

 Information is excellent.

Sadly no Military or Helicopters show up.

Not all aircraft have the ADSB transponder which makes this app work.

Sells for free/$6.99 (paid get you more information) = see right photo.

Another version is available called = PlaneFinder AR
which uses your camera on your device to locate the subject . (see photo below )

Android version costs $3.80

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